Management in times of sanitary and health crisis

Marc Jacquinet

The title of the present note could have been “Management in times of Covid-19”, but I have kept it for another text. The important aspects of the current crisis is its complexity, interconnectedness, uncertainty, differentiated local impacts, diverging policy treatment, economic crisis and health and sanitary crises. 

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Bike-rider in Madrid:  Guillermo Santos/LightRocket/Getty Images


We are in the middle of a critical juncture, and the bifurcation of the road is not visible, we are searching for the forking paths, stuck in the middle of an unprecedent crisis.

What does it mean to manage in a world as an out-of-order automaton?

The world has suddenly stopped its normal course, so does the management of organizations and public policies.

The catastrophe we are in surprised us doing our daily task, in a slow-motion film. It is a little bit like Pompei instantaneous stop of normal life, with one difference, we are still moving, much more slowly, and only at a local level. In our daily space, if we run, we are, anyway and anywhere, caught in the line in the supermarket or the pharmacy, the hospital or the post office.

Globalization has suddenly stopped, and the economy had ground to a halt, without much public transport, air travel and industries and services either closed or on maintenance mode.  

Our lives are like bicycle stuck in the sand.


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Marc Jacquinet

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