Management, competition, acceleration, and human rights

Management, competition, acceleration and human rights: either Arsenal, or Plantation, or otherwise?

Arsenal de Veniste, 1732; Penture de Giovanni Antonio Canal pseudonyme : Il Canaletto; Domaine public – Web Gallery of Art 


Marc Jacquinet



What is the link between management and human rights? Especially in a time of discussion of rank and yank systems and “targets and terror” that went beyond the national health care debate in the UK to more general business and management contexts

One of the central issues, not discussed in the management literature, with some vague remarks made in passing, is the notion of human dignity behind the management practices of people in firms, corporations, universities, just to mention the recent discussions of conflicts and reforms of some typical organizations that shape our daily life.

The present paper aims at discussing the foundation of the current ontology of management, its ethos and the discourse on excellence and efficiency in relation to an abstract and concrete notion of dignity (two versions on dignity). The discussion will focus on several authors such as J. Waldron, C. Beitz, Kant and A. Supiot. We discuss briefly some additional authors to situate the conception of organizations and work.

After a brief discussion some conceptual issues, namely: management, acceleration, plantation economy, human rights and human dignity, the second part of the communication will  discuss the foundational elements of management – as disciplinary and scientific discourse, as practice and as an ontology based on money as value. This second section aims at clarifying how the notion of management and some of its origins can be of value to understand current debates on human dignity.

The third section discusses the notion of work and organizations and the origins and what is at stake in the current workings of corporations (business corporations) and other types of organizations such as universities. We will make the contrast between Arsenal and the plantation with other forms of organizations.

Important to consider in the next section is the issue of power as crucial aspects of organizations and work and how power is related to the issue of dignity.

A final comment will be made to the conception of work and the corporation and how they are grounded in contemporary capitalism and the question of dignity during the working life and beyond.


Plantation, organization, dignity, work, money, and value

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