The War of Independence of Ukraine

Destruction of Marioupol Theater and city, 2022, 


The Independence war of Ukraine


What we have today in Ukraine is an unprecedented war in Europe after six decades of peace (except for some former Eastern territories of Russia like Georgia or Chechnya). This war started in 2014 with the war in Donbas and Crimea and not just now in 24 of February 2022.

It is a war of independence that reached a national scale in Ukraine.

It has a national dimension on both sides, one is colonial and imperialistic (Russia) and the other is one of survival (in Ukraine) on several counts.

Recently some analysts have insisted on the nationalist or Nazi groups in Ukraine.  If there is some nationalism on the Ukrainian side, it is not more significant than in other places, including Russia, France, the US, Serbia, and other countries on any other continents. Compared to Russia, at the war, it was even less nationalistic on several counts in Ukraine.

To start with, and for the sake of rigor, we should not enter in the Kremlin propaganda (the one now and the other in the past) and talk of Nazi. It is more correct, in someone want to use the word, to say neo-Nazi, but limited to those that have not just symbols but a similar raison d’être of their models of the 1930s and 1940s.  

 Second, conservative in Russia and Putin promoted far-right – including neo-Nazi groups – and nationalists ideals with the active collaboration of the Orthodox Church whose leadership since Stalin era is engaged in the KGB and then the now infamous FSB). Ukraine was less so involved in extremism with an expansionist view but rather involved in fighting for freedom (Maidan upheavals) and against corruption within and without the country but mostly against the infiltrated oligarch and agents, legacies from the USSR. Ukraine has a long contention for liberty in the Soviet era with its repression, bureaucracy, oppression, and genocide.

Third, there is stronger fight for human rights in Ukraine since the late 1990s than in Russian. They move in opposite directions, and this is a major cause of the war and the aggression of this year. Liberty is central to this issue, namely through what we call the “fight or struggle for liberty”.

Finally, the two countries have different paths that we cannot limit to the recent past.

We will come back to these points in the future as time goes by and according to our availability.

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